Bible Study

Bible Study: is the teaching-learning process provided and utilized by TLC to explore and enhance this particular area of its purpose–discipleship–by providing programs and studies designed to facilitate learning and growing in Christ-likeness.

Because we are committed to the study of the Word of God with practical application for daily living; our classes consist of small groups to encourage and strengthen each other in our walk with Christ.

Join us on ZOOM, Wednesdays at 6:30pm — MEETING ID: 586 495 3256

Worship & Praise

Worship: We are an energetic and loving bunch of people with a heart for God and love for God’s people. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about our mission to ‘expand God’s kingdom’ and fulfilling the ministry to which we are called.

At TLC, we believe in using our gifts, talents, and interests to give glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and convey His glorious message of salvation. We have fun, we enjoy praising God, and we get joy in encouraging others to do the same.

Our Worship Service is a time of joyful celebration as we gather as a family to worship God with prayers, praises, testimonies, and preaching. We clap our hands, we play instruments, and yes, at times, we dance, we laugh, and cry.

To experience the true essence of our ministry, join in our Worship Service in person and on Facebook on Sundays at 12noon. Come be our Guest!

Men’s Ministry

The primary purpose of our Men’s Ministry is to strenghten Christian men, mentor young men as early as age eight to become a “Godly” man, and expand the Kingdom of God through evangelism.

We are a fun and active men’s ministry that come together around a pool table, a backyard barbeque/fish-fry, or a highly competitive Wii bowling tournament. Whatever our setting, the Scripture is always presented in a casual and friendly manner. We focus on:

Strength – We offer simple and honest lessons designed to transform men by the renewing of their minds so they may be able to test and approve God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will. (Romans 12:1-2)

Encouragement – We provide support that uplifts, comforts, and challenges men to live lives worthy of God. (1 Thessalonians 2:11)

Accountability – We strive to build healthy and trusting relationships to carry another man’s burdens, to allow others to hold each each man accountable, and to facilitate restoration in a spirit of gentle humility. (Galatians 6:1-3)

Evangelism – We seek to provide a non-threatening enviroment for the ‘un-churched’ in order to reach other in our professional and social communities. (Matthew 9:36-38)

Women’s Ministry

The women of TLC unite in fellowship to encourage each other in our Christian walk, to embrace and support one another in love, to share and reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to equip women for life by providing opportunities for personal growth and development, accepting and valuing each woman as God’s unique creation, and equipping her to reflect the beauty of Christ to her family, her work, her church, and her community.

We focus on strengthening and developing our relationship with God as well as others. It is also very important that we improving and maintaining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. We believe that when we are strongly connected to Christ, we can live a full and exciting life in the Lord, and together we can share that love to the world!

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry: For young people ages 3-17!

Our purpose:

“To encourage young people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by teaching them how to connect with others and share the gospel of Christ through leadership and acts of service in new and exciting ways.”

Children are the leaders of our future and this is a place where we help them grow into the strong, God honoring men and women!

We pray, we learn, we create, and we have fun together! This is where young people can gather and get the truth of God’s Word and an understanding of their role in the Kingdom of God in an engaging and casual environment.

All classes use a curriculum tailored for each age group, so the lessons are clearly understood no matter the age of the child.

This is also a platform where young people can receive realistic, God-focused direction and encouragement dealing with their personal experiences in life.

Contact us today to receive updates for Youth ministry meeting times and activities!